Top 5 Shoes To Rock for Spring 2021

Spring is around the corner And it's time to put those big old clunky chunky boots back in the shoe closet. At Shoe Me Honey we have tons of different heels, flats, sneakers, and boots that you can wear this season. It's time to get back in style and ready to strut your stuff. We're going to pick out the Top 5 shoes that you should wear this spring!

 Check out our collection here and browse for your favorite shoe style. Let's get to it! 

This Women Pumps Ankle Cross Strap Sandals is perfect to wear for the springtime! These come in the most perfect spring colors that will make you stand out everywhere you go. They feature a 7cm heel height that elevates you to look taller. They also have a strap that wraps around Your ankle so that you can tighten it to where you like. The heel of the shoe is a wicker pattern so it gives you that  Springtime look that you can rock straight through to summertime. Grab them in the color you like! Our favorite is a light blue and purple for spring. 

Our second favorite shoe is the Peep Toe Buckle Design Roman Summer Sandals. These are great for women who don't want to wear such a tall heel in the springtime. These are flat but have a stick platform so that you were still elevated. You can grab these in the springtime colors, yellow beige red And blue. We think that these will go great with any pair of light colored pants for spring along with a bright colored pedicure. They also feature a tight flat bow on the top to add a bit of levels to the sandal. Our favorite color is the beige! 

Our third favorite pair of shoes for spring would be the Double Buckle Wicked Heel Sandal. This pair has two buckles that will help keep the sandal sturdy while walking. It also has a very unique wicked heel that adds a pop of style. You can see that there is a little burst of color within the heel that will draw attention whenever you walk by. You can get these in a solid color or a three tone color like the green brown and orange pear! Those are our favorite! You can pair these with light to dark jeans or any cropped pair of slacks for a more professional look .

If you're looking for something more comfortable one of our favorite loafers is the Vulcanized Walking Flat Loafer! These have a mesh-like material that are lightweight and will keep your feet feeling fresh. If you are someone who likes to walk a lot in the springtime these would be perfect for you. They have a rubber sole and feel great while walking. you can get these in the basic colors black red grey pink and blue. We recommend wearing these on the beach, near the pool, on a long flight, during yoga, or during exercise time! 

Our last pair of shoes for spring that we would recommend is the Floral Print For Dancing Party Boot. These would be great to wear during the during those cooler spring days when a boot may be needed. These will definitely give you a retro-style as they feature springtime patterns all over them. You can see prints of butterflies and flowers  accompanied by gold detailing and colored laces. These come in three different styles that you can pick from. there is a little heel to the boot that will elevate your posture. We think things would go great with any neutral look. Try wearing them with a white spring top and white matching culottes.

Those are our top five shoes that we think should be rocked for spring 2021. There are still so many different pairs of flats, sandals, slippers, and boots that we offer on Shoe Me Honey. You'll be sure to find a pair that you will fall in love with. Browse our collections today and pick your favorite pair. It's time to walk in style again!